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Back in 2005, our founder, Karishma Bansal, entered the field of academics, taking the first step toward 'Angles and Arguments’. After an enriching experience of years spent on imparting conceptual knowledge, discovering holistic approaches and perfecting simple ways of resolving oft-repeated queries, we offer our insights packed into comprehensive targeted modules (priced individually) for each topic tested on standardised tests. Buy only what you need!

What sets us apart is our focus on unique, intuitive, visual approaches - those that you can apply on questions no matter how the questions are worded and solve them within seconds (considering time plays a big role in standardised tests). We use simple, clear and concise language to help you navigate through fundamentals and provide a lot of examples and practice questions. Our aim is a competent, confident you at the end of each module.

"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

An inquisitive temperament and perseverance are the only things YOU need to bring along. Holistic learning, creative problem solving and critical thinking are the skills WE will provide.

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