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Critical Reasoning - Best Completes the Passage Questions of Critical Reasoning - I Module

Here are the ten official questions which are discussed in detail in the Critical Reasoning - I module at the end of the Best Completes the Passage Questions section. Shout out in the comments section if you have any doubts in the explanations.


Completes Passage Question No. 1


Which of the following most logically completes the passage?


Using new detection techniques, researchers have found trace amounts of various medicinal substances in lakes and rivers. Taken in large quantities, these substances could have serious health effects, but they are present in quantities far too low to cause any physiological response in people who drink the water or bathe in it. Nevertheless, medical experts contend that eliminating these trace amounts from the water will have public health benefits, since ____________.

(A) some of the medicinal substances found in lakes and rivers are harmless to humans in large quantities

(B) some of the medicinal substances found in lakes and rivers can counteract possible harmful effects of other such substances found there

(C) people who develop undesirable side effects when being treated with medicines that contain these substances generally have their treatment changed

(D) most medicinal substances that reach lakes or rivers rapidly break down into harmless substances

(E) disease-causing bacteria exposed to low concentrations of certain medicinal substances can become resistant to them



Completes Passage Question No. 2


Which of the following most logically completes the argument below?


Twenty percent of the stores in Morganville's downtown shopping district will fail within five years because they will be competing directly with the SaveMart discount department store newly opened in East Morganville. The downtown shopping district has lost business at this rate before and has always completely rebounded. Confidence that it will rebound again from the losses it is now about to suffer is ill founded, however, because ________ .


(A) the stores likely to be put out of business by direct competition from SaveMart are the downtown shopping district's anchor stores, on whose ability to draw shoppers many of the other downtown stores depend.

(B) the bus line that has long connected the downtown area of Morganville with EastMorganville has a tradition of carrying shoppers who reside in EastMorganville into downtown Morganville to shop.

(C) when the downtown shopping district has rebounded before, the business premises of a failed business were typically taken over by a business of same kind as had been there before

(D) SaveMart's business plan for the EastMorganvill store is based on earning low profits, if any, during the first five years of the store's existence.

(E) it is conceivable that the downtown shopping district could shrink substantially without collapsing altogether



Completes Passage Question No. 3


Which of the following most logically completes the argument?


When people engage in activities that help others, their brain releases endorphins, the brain’s natural opiates, which induce in people a feeling of well-being. It has been suggested that regular release of endorphins increases people’s longevity. And a statistic on adults who regularly engage in volunteer work helping others shows that they live longer, on average, than adults who do not volunteer. However, that statistic would be what we would expect even if volunteering does not boost longevity, because _______.


(A) in the communities studied, women were much more likely to do regular volunteer work than men were, and women tend to live longer than men do.

(B) the number of young adults who do regular volunteer work is on the increase.

(C) the feelings of well-being induced by endorphins can, at least for a time, mask the symptoms of various conditions and diseases, provided the symptoms are mild.

(D) it is rare for a person to keep up a regular schedule of volunteer work throughout his or her life.

(E) Some people find that keeping a commitment to do regular volunteer work becomes a source of stress in their lives.



Completes Passage Question No. 4


Which of the following most logically completes the argument below?


According to promotional material published by the city of Springfield, more tourists stay in hotels in Springfield than stay in the neighboring city of Harristown. A brochure from the largest hotel in Harristown claims that more tourists stay in that hotel than stay in the Royal Arms Hotel in Springfield. If both of these sources are accurate, however, the “Report on Tourism” for the region must be in error in stating that __________.


(A) The average length of stay is longer at the largest hotel in Harristown than it is at the Royal Arms Hotel.

(B) There is only one hotel in Harristown that is larger than the Royal Arms Hotel. 

(C) More tourists stay in hotels in Harristown than stay in the Royal Arms Hotel.

(D) The Royal Arms hotel is the largest hotel in Springfield.

(E) The Royal Arms hotel is the only hotel in Springfield.



Completes Passage Question No. 5


Which of the following most logically completes the argument?


Yorco and Zortech are two corporations that employ large numbers of full-time workers who are paid by the hour. Publicly available records indicate that Yorco employs roughly the same number of such hourly wage workers as Zortech does but spends a far higher total sum per year on wages for such workers. Therefore, hourly wages must be higher, on average, at Yorco than at Zortech, since _____.


(A) Zortech spends a higher total sum per year than Yorco does to provide its hourly wage workers with benefits other than wages

(B) the work performed by hourly wage workers at Zortech does not require a significantly higher level of skill than the work performed by hourly wage workers at Yorco does

(C) the proportion of all company employees who are hourly wage workers is significantly greater at Yorco than it is at Zortech

(D) overtime work, which is paid at a substantially higher rate than work done during the regular work week, is rare at both Yorco and Zortech

(E) the highest hourly wages paid at Yorco are higher than the highest hourly wages paid at Zortech



Completes Passage Question No. 6


Which of the following most logically completes the passage?


Concerned about financial well-being of its elderly citizens, the government of Runagia decided two years ago to increase by 20 percent the government-provided pension paid to all Runagians over 65. Inflation in the intervening period has been negligible, and the increase has been duly received by all eligible Runagians. Nevertheless, many of them are no better off financially than they were before the increase, in large part because ________.


(A) They rely entirely on the government pension for their income

(B) Runagian banks are so inefficient that it can take up to three weeks to cash a pension check

(C) They buy goods whose prices tend to rise especially fast in times of inflation

(D) The pension was increased when the number of elderly Runagians below the poverty level reached an all-time high

(E) In Runagia children typically supplement the income of elderly parents, but only by enough to provide them with a comfortable living



Completes Passage Question No. 7


Which of the following most logically completes the argument?


United States manufacturers currently produce most of the world's solar-power generators—most of which are exported to Europe. However, European manufacturers are emerging and probably will ultimately capture much of the European market. The United States government is funding initiatives intended to encourage use of solar power within the United States. If these initiatives succeed in increasing the demand for solar-power generators in the United States, United States manufacturers will probably maintain significant production levels, since __________.


(A) some United States manufacturers have been substantially increasing their output over the last several years

(B) the efficiency of solar-power generators in converting energy from the Sun into electric power is not improving as fast as it once did

(C) just as European manufacturers enjoy certain competitive advantages in Europe, so do United States manufacturers in the United States

(D) European governments are currently undertaking initiatives to stimulate the use of solar power within Europe

(E) the current market for solar-power generators in the United States is very limited



Completes Passage Question No. 8


Commentator: In the new century, only nations with all the latest electronic technology will experience great economic prosperity. The people in these nations will be constantly bombarded with images of how people in other countries live. This will increase their tendency to question their own customs and traditions, leading to a dissolution of those customs and traditions. Hence, in the new century, the stability of a nation’s cultural identity will likely ______________ .


Which one of the following most logically completes the commentator’s argument?


(A) depend on a just distribution of electronic technology among all nations

(B) decrease if that nation comes to have a high level of economic wealth

(C) be ensured by laws that protect the customs and traditions of that culture

(D) be threatened only if the people of that culture fail to acquire the latest technical skills

(E) be best maintained by ensuring the gradual assimilation of new technical knowledge and skills



Completes Passage Question No. 9


Insurgent political parties that are profoundly dissatisfied with the dominant party’s reign and justificatory ideology always produce factions whose views and aims differ as greatly from each other’s as they do from the dominant party’s. Although these factions ignore their own disagreements for the sake of defeating the dominant party, their disagreements inevitably come forward upon victory. Therefore, _____________.


Which one of the following is the most logical completion of the argument?


(A) no victorious insurgent party ever manages to stay in power for as long as the party it displaces did

(B) a victorious insurgent party must address the disagreements between its factions if it is to stay in power

(C) the heretofore insurgent party will not always promulgate a new ideology to justify its own policies, once it is victorious

(D) a victorious insurgent party always faces opposition from the party it recently ousted

(E) it is impossible for the different factions of a victorious insurgent party to effect the compromises necessary to keep the new party in power



Completes Passage Question No. 10


Which of the following most logically completes the passage?


Appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix) is potentially fatal; consequently, patients with symptoms strongly suggesting appendicitis almost always have their appendix removed. The appropriate surgery is low-risk but performed unnecessarily in about 20 percent of all cases. A newly developed internal scan for appendicitis is highly accurate, producing two misdiagnoses for every 98 correct diagnoses. Clearly, using this test, doctors can largely avoid unnecessary removals of the appendix without, however, performing any fewer necessary ones than before, since __________.


(A) the patients who are correctly diagnosed with this test as not having appendicitis invariably have medical conditions that are much less serious than appendicitis

(B) the misdiagnoses produced by this test are always instances of attributing appendicitis to someone who does not, in fact, have it

(C) all of the patients who are diagnosed with this test as having appendicitis do, in fact, have appendicitis

(D) every patient who is diagnosed with this test as having appendicitis has more than one of the symptoms generally associated with appendicitis

(E) the only patients who are misdiagnosed using this test are patients who lack one or more of the symptoms that are generally associated with appendicitis



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