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Latest News - We turned 2 today! Data Sufficiency Module Published!

We have turned 2! 


To mark this occasion, we are publishing our Data Sufficiency module and offering free access to it for 5 days (till 12 midnight of 28th july, 2022). Register with us at https://anglesandarguments.com and drop us a mail at help@anglesandarguments.com requesting access to the module. We will add the module to your account. If you are already registered with us, just drop in a mail.


This Data Sufficiency module will discuss DS strategies, the tricks and the traps that make this format difficult. The theoretical concepts are the same that are discussed in all other Quant modules so we will not focus on those – instead, we will focus on this special format that makes GMAT Quant tough. Some questions may take more than 2 mins so don’t worry about it – the idea is to share various thought processes, show patterns and discuss logic.


Happy Studying! Stay Safe!


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