Latest News - Sentence Correction Module Coming Soon

Next module in line is Sentence Correction - often a source of much pain for non natives!

The module is divided into 9 sections starting with the Basics of Sentence Correction including Subject Verb Agreement. We discuss what verbs various indefinite pronouns take. Section II talks about Phrases (Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Prepositional, Verbal, Appositive, Absolute) and Clauses (Independent, Dependent, Relative, Adverbial, Conditional). We also discuss Parentheticals and Ellipsis here. 

In Section III, we come to Verbs (Shifting of tenses, Subjunctive) and Verbals (Gerund, Participle, Infinitive). Section IV discusses Modifiers  (Nouns modifiers, Misplaced, Dangling and Squinting). 

In Section V, we talk about Connectors - Prepositions and Conjunctions (including the various types of Conjunctions). We discuss some commonly confused Prepositions and Conjunctions such as like/as.  In the next two sections, we discuss Parallelism (and when not to use parallelism) and Comparisons (the various constructs used and compared with each other).

In Section VIII, we discuss Pronoun Ambiguity and some problematic pronouns. We end the module with Section IX on Accuracy in Meaning in which we take some official-type questions and discuss the various errors in them. 

Ah, what fun!! 

Stay Tuned!

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